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About Blue-Green Algae Poisoning

Blue-green algae can be highly toxic to pets, causing fatal liver damage and long-term health conditions. Read about how to protect your pet this summer.

Top 10 tips for keeping your pet hydrated

It's always important to keep your pet hydrated, it's essential for keeping them healthy. It's even more important during the summer months. Ensure your dog, cat or rabbit is drinking enough with our top 10 tips.

Grass seeds

It’s grass seed season and for something so small, grass seeds can be very painful for your dog.

Neutering your kitten

There are many benefits to neutering your kitten and it’s a very safe procedure that could save their life.

The importance of puppy socialisation

There are many benefits to puppy socialisation; the window of opportunity is small, so it’s important to know what you need to do and when.

Medivet and Wilderness Foundation Africa Latest

It’s been five years since Medivet pledged its support of Wilderness Foundations Africa’s efforts to protect endangered rhinos in South Africa. In that time our generous colleagues, clients and partners have contributed over £600,000 to projects that have helped to combat the rhino poaching crisis.

10 tips to care for your cat in the heat

Read our tips on keeping your cat cool when the temperatures rise.

10 tips to care for your dog in the heat

Hot weather can be uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs. Read our top 10 ways to care for them in the heat.

Vaccinating your pet

Vaccinating your pet has many benefits and keeps your pet safe from potentially fatal diseases. Find out the benefits of getting them vaccinated.