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Medivet Accelerates Partnership Plans

Ambitious campaign to double its partner community to launch at London Vet Show.

Dog Microchipping

As well as being a legal requirement, microchipping your dogs means they can be easily identified should they ever go missing.

Dog Neutering

Neutering your dog brings a host of health and behavioural benefits, and is the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Find out more about what’s involved.

Medivet Issues Pet Care Advice For Firework Season

Read our advice to pet owners on how to minimise the harmful effects that fireworks can have on animals.

Vets in Liverpool | Veterinary Services and Treatments | Medivet

We have a range of vets across the Liverpool area to ensure that you receive the care you and your pets need, when you need it.

Puppy Parties

Medivet Hendon’s puppy parties are a great opportunity to socialise your new pet with other dogs and people.

Medivet Wins Fundraising Award For Its Efforts To Help Save Endangered Rhinos

Medivet has been honoured for its Saving The Rhino campaign and the generosity of clients who have supported the initiative.

Wingrave Vet Unveils Refurbished Practice at Open Day

Medivet 24 Hour Sutton is one of the first branches in the country to roll out a new Brand identity for the veterinary group.

Talented Baker Creates Rhino Masterpiece for Medivet Campaign

Kind-hearted Kelly Graham-Smallwood has put her creative talents to amazing use in honour of Medivet’s efforts to save endangered rhinos in Africa.