Medivet Saving the Rhino

Every eight hours, another rhino is killed for their horn in South Africa.

In partnership with wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds and the Wilderness Foundation Africa, we’re on a mission to combat the rhino poaching crisis.

Medivet Wins Fundraising Award

Medivet has been honoured for its Saving The Rhino campaign and the generosity of clients who have supported the initiative.

The Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign raises funds to support a number of ongoing initiatives. These include:

  • dog detection and protection
  • rhino rescue and rehabilitation
  • public education and awareness campaigns
  • stricter laws and ethics

To date, Medivet Rhino has raised more than £500,000 to help fund this rhino protection program. This is a result of more than one million donations made in practice by our generous clients. Find out more here.

One of the key initiatives we support is the Dog Detection programme in South Africa. This programme trains an elite group of canines to patrol rhino habitats areas along with their trainers. They specialise in patrolling borders, tracking poachers, and sniffing out firearms and contraband like rhino horn and ivory.

A remarkable group of dogs who share a unique bond with their dedicated trainers, their teamwork is a valuable deterrent and boasts 90% accuracy in detecting rhino horn in luggage and shipments. The Wilderness Foundation Africa has reported several arrests made possible due to these skilled dogs.

Donations from our Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign help meet the costs of ongoing training for these courageous canines and their brave handlers, veterinary treatment and the purchasing of vital equipment.

Ella is one of the dogs Medivet has helped sponsor to become a rhino protector. A Bloodhound Doberman cross with an amazing sense of smell, she was specially selected by the Chipimbere Rhino Foundation to be part of the Wilderness Foundation Africa's Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative. A “cold scent” tracker dog, Ella can effectively follow older tracks – a vital skill used to track and apprehend poachers who have long vacated the scene of the crime.

The cost of training Ella, her handler, support vehicle and accommodation has been funded by the Medivet Rhino program and by the generous donations of Medivet clients.

Watch Ella celebrate her one-year anniversary with Rhino Protection.


Wilderness Foundation Africa

One of our biggest passion projects is working with the Wilderness Foundation Africa to protect the endangered rhino.

South Africa Diary Summer 2019

Medivet employee, Kelly-Ann Langton, walks us through her own experience with a first-hand account in the form of a daily journal.

Dr Will Fowlds Biography

Dr Will Fowlds is a wildlife vet in South Africa, a passion and a calling from his childhood days spent in the wild African bush of the Eastern Cape.

  • The Medivet Rhino Rehabilitation Enclosure

    We sponsored the building of the Medivet Rhino Rehabilitation Enclosure, an enclosure that provides a protected area for rhino victims of poaching attacks. Here, our vets can safely provide treatment and care to help save these endangered animals. The enclosure is also a safe haven for baby rhinos who’ve been orphaned due to horrendous poaching attacks.

  • Rhino mother and baby in the wild

    Noelle and Winston: two orphaned baby rhinos settle into the Medivet Enclosure

    The enclosure has been used to help give baby rhinos such as Noelle and Winston a second chance at life. Noelle arrived at the Medivet rhino rehabilitation enclosure at the beginning of 2016. She was later joined by a male rhino calf called Winston. Both calves are great examples of the enclosure’s value.

We need your help to fund lifesaving projects and help secure the future of the rhino in Africa. We fundraise for Medivet Saving the Rhino throughout the year and welcome any support you’re able to offer – no matter how big or small.

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